Cloud computing लेबलों वाले संदेश दिखाए जा रहे हैं. सभी संदेश दिखाएं
Cloud computing लेबलों वाले संदेश दिखाए जा रहे हैं. सभी संदेश दिखाएं

In today's article, you will know what is Cloud Computing and how many of it

 Is the type.

 You will also know about all these in this article of Cloud Computing

 • What is the history of Cloud Computing

 • Cloud Computing has advantages

 • What is the disadvantage of Cloud Computing


 What is Cloud Computing.

 The word Cloud in Cloud Computing

 Means Internet, Cloud Computing  data at physical server And keep it on cloud computing software
 Is maintained and controlled by.
 In simple language, if the data is local
 cloud based instead of storage device
 If it is accessed by storage, it is
 Then it will be called Cloud Computing
 Once the data store is on the cloud
 You can access it from any location
 And data to laptop or smart
 edit, update data from phone and
 with delete in your device
 can download
 When you are in your computer or hard drive
 store the data and access it
 dependent on computer to manage
 Cloud Computing has to be like this
 Is not there to access the data
 You need internet
 Split Cloud Computing into 3 categories
 Gone, like

 • Infrastructure-as-a-service (laas)

 • Platform-as-a-service (Paas)

 • Software-as-a-service (Saas)

 We will talk about these in detail below,
 The best advantage of clouding computing
 This is if you want to increase your storage
 You have to take extra hard drive or
 You are hosting from a company
 Must change his plan
 For example
 Your share hosting is to take you VPS
 Will not be clouding in computing
 Whenever you want your storage value
 can increase
 Or you keep all your data online
 Pay your company a little money online
 Can increase stroage.
 Clouding computing has many plans
 Is like monthly, yearly and different from everyone
 There is a different price.

 Cloud Computing provider best company.

 Today Cloud Computing services a lot
 The company is offering its customers.
 For example Social Sites, E-
 commerce sites, online backup

- Microsoft Azure

- IBM Cloud

 -Aws (Amazon web services)

 The largest cloud service provide


 - Google Drive Google a

 best sit secure cloud computing

 services 314 of data Google

 remains secure in drive

 - Dropbox of ych deck cloud service

 Gives you your files online ever

 Can also access and download

 - YouTube is also a huge cloud

 Today is an example of computing

 videos upload

 Today many websites and applications

 Many hosted in cloud server

 hosting company cloud hosting


 For example Big rock, Digital Ocean


 History of Cloud Computing

The term “cloud computing” itself was coined in 1996 within a Compaq internal document. At that time, this ATM Network was mentioned

 Used to do.

 Lots of telecommunication in 1995

 company started using it

 In 2008 Google launched its beta version

 Had lunch in cloud computing

 In early 2000, Microsoft launched the web

 IBM started hosting again in 2001

 in automatic computing manifesto

 Gave details

 Cloud computing amazon in 2006

 Karan became very popular

 Cloud Computing Services

 Cloud Computing Three Types of Services


 1. Software as a Service (SaaS)

 2. Platform as a Service (PaaS)

 3. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

 Infrastructure as a service


 laas services  IT Infrastructure chil

 Access is given, you can do it from anywhere

 Storage, monitoring, accessing,

 Infrastructure sit performance at AUSTUR and Like, Servers,

 Firewalls, Routers, CDN

 laas services # storage, security, data

 etc user is provided

 The more you use in services

 Will is paid accordingly.

 laas example Google Cloud

 Platform, DigitalOcean (Hosting)

 Amazon (AWS), Microsoft Azure

 Platform as a service


 Paas services hardware and

 The operating system provides service.

 services 314 cil applications

 Provides service for development and management.

 Paas example Google App Engine

 Software as a service

 Saas has full form Software asa

 Service. Such services are mostly

 Used for small business

 In this services you online software

 You can configure your

 no need to install in devices


 In software as service you can access all users via internet

 For online application and software

 Can provide.

 Users of their web browser in software as service

 Online application run from anywhere through medium

 Can do

 Cloud software as service example Big Commerce,

 Google Apps, Salesforce, Dropbox,



Advantage of Cloud Computing

 IShare Data allows you to access your data

 Can share with others online

  Backup if someone in your computer

 The problem happened and all the data was deleted

 Then your data will be saved on internet

  Worldwide Access

 From anywhere (mobile, computer, laptop,


  Largest of Free Cloud Computing

 The advantage is that you can use it for free

 Google drive, one drive etc.

 Cost Cloud storage services use

 You do not have to have separate hardware to do

 Have to take.

  In Easy Set-Up Cloud Services you

 data ai online edit, delete it access

 Can do and download it

 Access you data from internet

 To be opened in a lot of space


 Performance would be very reliable

 Access you data from internet

 To be opened in a lot of space


  Performance would be very reliable

 That is, it is 24x7 good

 gives performance.

 Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

 • Internet for cloud computing

 It is very important to have internet, if

 disconnected then at that time you

 Will not be able to use services

 • Security in cloud computing not strong for this company it
 new new for safe keeping
 Technology is making.

 • Cloud computing yet aree #internet

 based services and often on the internet

 The cyber attack is a danger.

• Bndwidth issues. For ideal performance, clients have to plan accordingly and not pack large amounts of servers and storage devices into a small set of data centers.


What is cloud computing ? Cloud computing advantage or disadvantage of cloud computing.